Man Sentenced On Tues. For Stabbing

Another defendant was given probation for a  child pornography offense.


Frederick, Md (KM). A New Windsor man who stabbed a friend last year, and struggled with police while he was being arrested learned his fate on Tuesday. In Frederick County Circuit Court, Anthony David Bohn, 34, was given 18-months in the local Detention Center.

The prosecution had asked for seven  years, but State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says the State is satisfied with the sentence. He says he wanted Bohn to serve some jail time. “But he had completed some anger management while he was at the Frederick County Detention Center. He completed a program called Project 103 {which is a drug treatment program}. So he obviously had made a lot of progress in terms of trying to better himself while he was incarcerated, and I think that’s why the judge took  that into account when sentencing in this particular case,” says Smith.

Bohn was arrested in September, 2016, for stabbing another man. The Sheriff’s Office says Bohn and some friends were watching a movie at a home in the 14,000 block of Oak Orchard Road when he had a strange look on his face. He stabbed a friend in the head. The victim refused medical treatment.

Deputies and a police canine were dispatched to the scene, and took Bohn into custody following a struggle where the dog was struck several times, and a deputy was cut.

Bohn pleaded guilty in March to two counts of 2nd-degree assault, and one count of resisting arrest.

Also on Tuesday, a Middletown man  was sentenced to five-years probation for possession of child pornography with intent to distribute. Smith says Frederick William Sharp III will be required to undergo counseling and community service. “Something they do for these particular offenders is they make them do polygraph testing and monitor all their internet devices. He’s also going to have to that as part of his probation,” he says.

In addition, Sharp must also register as a sex offender for 25-years, and must have no unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 18.

Smith says child pornography is more than individuals viewing it for their own pleasure. “People like this with an appetite for viewing it create the industry of creating it.. So these people who know that these people will buy these pictures they abuse children in order to produce it,” he says.  .


By Kevin McManus