Senator Hough Announces Plan to Run for Re-Election in State Senate

FREDERICK, Md. (KR)  Maryland State Senate Elections will be in 2018 and Republican State Senator Michael Hough announced he will be running for re-election. Hough is currently representing Frederick and Carroll Counties for District 4. He said he plans to continue to work with his colleagues to enact commonsense legislation.

“I look forward to the next four years, hopefully we have a re-elected Hogan, we can bring more balance to the state. For far too long Maryland has been a one party controlled state and the far left in our state has pushed out of control taxes, out of control spending, has attacked our second amendment rights and many of our constitutional rights,” said Hough.

He said he believes in the founding principles of our country; limited government, and individual responsibility.

“There’s a couple things that I want to continue to work on, obviously the heroin crisis in Frederick County, western Maryland and throughout the state, continues to be one of my top priorities. Continuing to work for reforms to make sure people can get into drug treatment, making sure money is available for that,” said Hough.

Hough was elected to State Senate in 2014, after winning the seat from a 20-year incumbent.