Local Medical Marijuana Companies Approved to Start Growing Plants

FREDERICK, Md. (DG) Eight medical marijuana cultivation companies got the go ahead Monday from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Two of those are in Frederick County. Green Leaf Medical LLC has been building it’s state of the art facility for the past year in preparation, says CEO Phil Goldberg.

“We are serving dispensaries all the way up to Ocean City, which is OC Botanicals; Allegheny, and of course here in Frederick and Howard County, Rockville, PG County and Baltimore, for example, we have a great client there, named Charm City Medicus, who will be ready to serve patients here shortly,” said Goldberg.

Green Leaf is working with the state’s first licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

“We are working with wellness solutions here in Frederick as well, they are actually the first licensed dispenser and we have an agreement with them as well, and they’re already seeing patients, in anticipation of approximately 3 months for us to have product available,” said Goldberg.

Goldberg says it will likely take 13 weeks before Green Leaf is able to sell any medical marijuana to dispensaries.