Flu Widespread in Maryland

This year’s flu season started early.

Frederick, Md. (DG) – The flu season in Maryland is getting worse. Officials with the Maryland Department of Health say you still have time to get the flu shot.

Dr. Lucy Wilson said influenza is wide spread across the country, including Maryland.

“Well, the last few years we’ve had our peak activity in February and March, and so we’re hoping that this year, it’s January,” Dr. Wilson said.

Some of the symptoms of the flu include fever, headaches, cough, fatigue, chills, and body aches.

“Every year with influenza we’re most worried about certain categories of people. We’re worried about the very young and the very old,” Dr Wilson said. “We’re also worried about people with chronic medical conditions, such as heart, lung, kidney disease, liver disease and we’re worried about pregnant women. So those are the categories we always worry about, and that’s the same this year.”

To protect yourself from the flu, eat well and get plenty of rest. Avoid being around people who are sick, wash your hands with soap and water, and do not go to work or school if you are feeling sick.

Health officials say 208 people tested positive for the flu in Maryland during the second week of January.

-Dianah Gibson