Few Power Outages During Snow Storm, Potomac Edison Says

But crews are still standing by even though the snow storm is over.


Frederick, Md (KM) So far, so good for Potomac Edison. The utility reports very few power outages or downed power lines since the snow storm came through the region on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Spokesman Todd Meyers says prior to the storm, Potomac Edison put its line crews in place in case customers lost power. “We did plan for the worst, and have planned for the worst. In fact, we brought in some extra help, some electric contractors, linemen  to help us in both Frederick County and Washington County,” he says.

The crews are still ready in case power goes out or lines come down following this snow storms, says Meyers.

He  says a lot of this good fortune is due to the texture of the snow. “Because snow has tended to be dry, it’s not sticking to trees and lines. We haven’t had a lot of trees down and wires down, fortunately,”  Meyers  says. The wet, heavy snow would have come down on trees and power lines, bringing both of them to the ground.

If you happen to see a downed power line, Meyers says don’t approach it, or try to remove a tree branch that becomes entangled in it. “Coming in contact with a power line: at best, you could be injured; but at worst, you could be killed. So it’s very important to stay away from those lines,” he says.

Report any downed power lines by calling  Potomac Edison at 1-888-LIGHTSS. . You can also use that number to report a power outage in your home or business.


By Kevin McManus