Mayor To Proclaim Saturday Silly Walks Day

It’s based on a Monty Python comedy skit.


Frederick, Md (KM). Saturday will be the time to strut your stuff in downtown Frederick, but with a touch of humor. At the intersection of Church and North Market Streets, Mayor Michael O’Connor will read a proclamation establishing the Ministry of SIlly Walks, and appointing Mark Lawrence as its first minster.

“We were approached by the organizers of this event, Chris McLaughlin, as a way show a little bit of fun and a lighter side as we move into spring. We were happy to accommodate the request for a fun-filled proclamation and the designation that day of an honorary minister of silly walks in the city of Frederick,” says Mayor O’Connor.

The Ministry of Silly Walks comes from a comedy skit done on the TV show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” It features John Cleese as a bowler-headed government worker named Mr. Teabag. He meet in his office with a Mr. Putey, portrayed by Michael Palin, who has a silly walk. He’s requesting a government grant to help him improve on the silly walk.

As he demonstrates the walk, Mr Teabag says “It’s particularly silly, is it?” Mr. Putey responds “With government backing, I can make it very silly.”

But Mayor O’Connor says there will be no ministry of silly walks established within city government, and no grants will be awarded for citizens who have silly walks they want to improve.

In addition, O’Connor says it’s a way to take our minds off of the weighty issues that elected officials and other citizens deal with each day. “We know that we’re not a community that’s immune from the kinds of issues and challenges that they have in other places,” he says. “But I think we should take some time to laugh at ourselves and encourage our residents to have fun.”

But the serious issues will still be there after the fun is all over.”There’s a lot of serious things that happen in our community. But we’re a community that should be able to enjoy ourselves as well. and this is just a small way to provide a little bit of balance,” the Mayor says.

The reading of the proclamation is scheduled for 5:00 PM declaring the first Saturday in April as Silly Walks Day. . After that, organizers say, residents will be encouraged to do their best silly walk, but do it safely, meaning cross the street at the light.

The night before, organizers of the event will put up signs at the intersection indicting North Market and Church Streets as the place for silly walks.

Mayor O’Connor says this event could take place on a yearly basis. “I think that’s theirĀ  hope is to make it an annual thing. And we certainly will do what we can to try and promote that as we put it on the proclamation calendar,” he says.


By Kevin McManus