Area Police Dismantle Major Drug Operation

Six people arrested; quantities of drugs, cash and weapons seized.



Frederick, Md (KM). Law enforcement officers have taken down a major drug trafficking operation. Early Friday morning, Officers from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, Frederick and Brunswick Police Departments, Maryland State Police, Department of Homeland Security Investigations, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office served search and seizure warrants on 12 different addresses. They are:

1. 227 Lake Coventry Drive, Frederick, MD

2. 5727 Charstone Court, Frederick, MD

3. 5627 Denton Court, Frederick, MD

4. 7039 Hames Court, Frederick, MD

5. 360 Prospect Blvd, Frederick, MD

6. 519 B E South Street, Frederick, MD

7. 8298 Waterside Court, Frederick, MD

8. 90 Waverly Drive W302, Frederick, MD

9. 3320 Galena Drive, Urbana, MD

10. 102 Old Oak Place, Thurmont, MD

11. Sanai Motors, 17220 Virginia Ave, Hagerstown, MD

12. 11204 Hessong Bridge Road, Lewistown, MD

“We were able to seize a large¬† quantity of illegal narcotics, weapons, vehicles used in the trafficking, bank accounts and a large quantity of cash which was directly related to the sale of illegal narcotics,” says Major Tim Clarke with the Frederick County Sheriff Office.

Six people were arrested:

1. Darnell Morris, 38, Frederick, MD/No Bond
a. Illegal Possession of Ammunition/Misdemeanor
b. 2 counts of Possession of Firearms associated with CDS Crime/Felonies
c. 3 county of convicted Felon in Possession of Firearm/Felonies

2. Darrin Bagwell, 49, Frederick, MD/No Bond
a. Possession W/Intent to Distribute Narcotics/Felony
b. Possession of CDS-Not Marijuana/Misdemeanor
c. Possession of CDS Paraphernalia/Misdemeanor
d. 3 counts of Distribution of Narcotics/Felonies

3. Robert Disney, 56, Frederick, MD/No Bond
a. CDS Possession-Large Amount/Felony
b. Firearm/Drug Trafficking Crime/Felony
c. Firearm use by Felon/Misdemeanor
d. 2 counts Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics/Felonies
e. 2 counts Possession of CDS-Not Marijuana/Misdemeanor
f. Possession of CDS Paraphernalia/Misdemeanor
g. Possession of Marijuana greater than 10 grams/Misdemeanor

4. Joseph Sturgis, 49, Frederick, MD/$20,000 Bond Released
a. 3 counts of Distribution of CDS Narcotic/Felony
b. 3 counts of Possession of CDS-Not Marijuana/Misdemeanor

5. Deandre Pryor, 39, Frederick, MD/ No Bond
a. CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute/Felony
b. Possession of Marijuana greater than 10 grams/Misdemeanor
c. 2 counts of Possession of Paraphernalia/Misdemeanor
d. Possession of CDS-Not Marijuana/Misdemeanor

6. Brian Onley, 37, Frederick, MD/PR Bond Released
a. CDS Possession-Not Marijuana/Misdemeanor

The operation follows a three-month investigation into drug trafficking in the area.

Major Clarke says it’s not unusual to seize bank accounts in an operation like this. “It’s common practice in these large scale operations to look at the bank accounts of those involved to see if they have large amount of cash in those,” he says. “We seize them and make a determination later if they’re associated with the trafficking.”

The accounts were at Nymeo Bank in Frederick, authorities  says.

The Sheriff’s Office says it received assistance from its own Tactical Teams, along with those from the Frederick Police, Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Homeland Security Investigations. Tactical Medics and EMS units from the Frederick County Department of Fire and Rescue Services assisted at the Search Warrant locations..


By Kevin McManus