Federal Officials Charge Chevy Chase Man With Producing Child Pornography

He was arrested on Friday.


Greenbelt, Md (KM) A Chevy Chase man is charged with production of child pornography. The US Attorney’s Office for Maryland says Jonathan Oldale, 54, was arrested on Friday.

A criminal complaint alleges Oldale planted a video camera in a backpack near a toilet in a restroom at Silver Stars Gymnastics and Fitness in Silver Spring. It was placed under a “Wet Floor” sign near the bathroom’s only toilet, and the camera itself was placed inside a non-functioning automobile key fob, according to federal officials.

Montgomery County Police, dispatched to respond to a suspicious condition, learned through an investigation that the backpack belonged to Oldale.

In May, 2017, police served a search and seizure warrant on Oldale’s home. A detective with the Department’s Electronic Crime Unit did a forensic examination of electronic evidence found in the home. The investigator located a browser allowing the user to anonymously connect to the “dark web.” The US Attorney’s Office says the “dark web” is where the sharing and distribution of child exploitation videos take place.

When police executed a second search and seizure warrant at Oldale’s home in July, 2017, they found SD cards used to record activities in the restroom involving children. The videos showed children taking off their clothes or bathing suits, taking showers and getting dressed.

Montgomery County Police and the FBI learned through an investigation that Oldale invited children to his home for “splash parties,” where the kids ended up covered in grass. They were required to take showers before they went home, says the US Attorney’s Office.

If convicted, Oldale faces a 30-year prison sentence.

Federal officials remind citizens that a criminal complaint is not a finding of guilt, and defendants are considered innocent unless and until they’re convicted in a court of law.


By Kevin McManus