An Armed Suicidal Man Taken to FMH for Emergency Evaluation

The man was shot by a deputy with a shotgun loaded with bean bag rounds.

BRADDOCK HEIGHTS, MD.  (LG)   A man who armed himself with a rifle and called 911 saying he was going to kill himself, was later taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for an evaluation. But not before being shot with a bean bag round by a Frederick County Deputy. That’s according to Major Tim Clarke with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, who said when deputies arrived the man was outside of the home and did not have a weapon in his possession, but he eventually picked up a rifle and went back into his home.

“About ten minutes after he retreated back into the home, he came back out to the rear of the residence and started approaching the deputies on the perimeter.  He was ordered to drop his weapon but he didn’t comply.  One of our deputies had a less than lethal option in his toolbox which was a shotgun loaded with bean bag rounds.  The deputy fired the round, but at the same time the male resident pointed his rifle at another one of our deputies who was armed with a patrol rifle.  The bean bag round struck the male resident in his back, while the patrol rifle round struck the rifle the man was holding in his hand, and did not strike him anywhere on his body.”

The man was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for an emergency evaluation.

As the investigation continues, a decision on criminal charges is being looked at by the States Attorney’s Office.  The deputy that fired his patrol rifle is on routine administrative leave until the investigation is completed.

The incident happened in the 7100 block of Jasper Drive.

-Loretta Gaines