MML To Hold Conference In Ocean City

2,000 people form 157 municipalities expected to attend.

Frederick, Md (KM). The Maryland Municipal League will be holding its 2018 Summer Conference in Ocean City on June 10th through the June 13th. MML President and New Market Councilman Jake Romanell says 2,000 representatives from 157 cities and towns in the state are expected to attend.

He says the conference will center around the theme of LEAD, which stands for Learn, Engage, Access and Deliver, solving community problems to enhance the quality of life. “And that’s from the position that almost every elected official that I know saw a problem in their community and made efforts to mitigate that,” says Romanell.

Among the topics to be discussed are medical marijuana, an update on police body-worn cameras, especially when it has to do with access to the footage, and the Healthy Families Act, which requires that all employees be granted sick leave.

But Romanell says it’s a great way for elected officials to “network” with representatives from other cities and towns. They might find that all municipalities face the same challenges. “Sometimes you think you’re all alone or you have a unique problem, and when you sit down and you start discussing it with your colleagues from across the state, you find out you’re not alone,” he says.

Romanell says sometimes that can lead to a solution.

Participants will also hear from Governor Larry Hogan during a conference dinner on June 12th.

By Kevin McManus