Well Known Candidates For 6th District Congressional Race Don’t Live In The 6th District

Primary Election Day is Tues., June 26th.


FREDERICK, Md. (AP) – In the crowded race for Maryland’s only open congressional seat, some of the better known candidates don’t actually live in the district and they blame the lingering effects of partisan gerrymandering, which has gotten new attention and court challenges recently in the state and beyond.

Voters haven’t had a chance to vote for an actual resident of the district in the last two general elections. The district stretches from the Washington suburbs to western Maryland and has been criticized as one of the state’s most gerrymandered.

Rep. John Delaney, a three-term Democrat who doesn’t live in the 6th District, isn’t running for re-election because he’s seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. Delaney’s last two Republican opponents, Dan Bongino and Amie   Hoeber, also didn’t live in the district.


By The Associated Press