Limits Proposed For Property Tax Credit For Retired Military Personnel

They were discussed Tues. by the County Council.


Frederick, Md (KM). Some details have been proposed for an ordinance which sets up a property tax credit program for retired military personnel living in Frederick County.

The measure, sponsored by Councilman Billy Shreve, was approved by the Council in May, 2018, but it had no details on how much would be exempt from taxes, and who would qualify.  Shreve was not at Tuesday’s meeting.

Councilman Jerry Donald introduced an amendment  on Tuesday. Under his proposal, the property tax credit would be granted on the fist $300,000 of assessed value, and taxpayers who want to participate must not have a combined gross income exceeding $80,000. “All this does is amend the bill that Councilman Shreve put forward to give it the same limits as everyone else,” he said. “All the other tax credits we have in the county, it would put it at the same level.”

But Councilman Tony Chmelik said the $80,000 amount for combined gross income is not enough. “I would really consider that 80,000 to be higher. I would have say {100,000} or more,” he said.

Chmelik says he would like that tax credit to incentivize these individuals to retire in Frederick County. “Typically, if you’re talking about a retired military personnel, you;re talking somebody whose been well trained, educated individuals;  or even an enlisted individual, they’ve spent a lifetime in a career. They’re the kinds of folks that we talk about that we want them to stay,” he says. Chmelik also noted that Maryland is a very expensive state to live in.

But Councilman Donald said he wanted this program to be aligned with the county’s  current property tax credit programs. “My point simply was that I don’t think they should get more than people who have lived here and paid taxes here for all these years. I just want it to line up with every other tax credit that we have,” he said.

No action was taken on this amendment. It was one of three bills discussed by the Council on Tuesday.


By Kevin McManus