Beloved Walkersville Elementary School Teacher Killed In Auto Crash

She’s remembered as ‘professional’ & ‘conscientious.’


Walkersville, Md (KM). A kindergarten teacher who was a fixture at Walkersville Elementary School has died. Lacey Finnyfrock was killed in a vehicle crash in Pennsylvania on Friday, according to Frederick County School System spokesman Michael Doerrer. “We shared information with the Walkersville Elementary community on Saturday. And our thoughts and prayers and our sympathy goes out to all our friends and colleagues and her family at this very difficult time,” he says.

Finnyfrock’s death has left the Walkersville Elementary School community in shock. “It’s devastating at the moment for our school and for the community,” says Assistant Principle Eddie Hargreaves. “She’s been a kindergarten teacher here at Walkersville for about ten years so she’s touched a lot of lives.”

He says Finnyfrock had a positive impact on everyone. “A very conscientious teachers, very professional, one that parents would request to have,” says Hargreaves. “She served as a mentor teacher for our school, and for other teachers. It’s a certainly a big loss for us as we try to deal with this.”

Hargreaves says Finnyfrock was 42-years of age, married with five daughters. “When thinking about Lacey, just somebody that’s always prepared, always happy, just always positive, very conscientious, and just eager for kids to learn,” he says.

Doerrer says counseling will be made available for teachers and other staff who are affected by this loss. “Anytime, there’s a tragedy like this, Frederick County Public Schools makes sure there are support personnel in place,”he says.

Hargreaves says there was a school counselor at the school on Monday. “We’ve had a trickle of staff come in this morning {Mon}. All and in all 15 or so staff members have been in  this morning, more or less just to talk and console each other here in the front office,” he says. “We did set up an area in our conference room where we had food and water and a place for them to talk, and to talk with Jeb if need be.” “Jeb” is Jeb Fleagle . a school psychologist assigned to Walkersville High which is right next door.

He says no funeral plans have been announced for Ms. Finnyfrock.


By Kevin McManus


Lacey Finneyfrock


Lacey Finnyfrock, from the  Walkersville Elementary School website.