Get To Know Lisa Jarosinski

The long time local resident is running for Frederick County Council

Lisa Jarosinski sings with her church choir on the weekends, but now she’s hoping to use her voice to bring about change in the county.

Jarosinski is running for the Frederick County Council District 2 seat.

“I’m running for office because I am passionate about helping my community. I have worked with Residents Against Landsdale Expansion (RALE) regarding Monrovia town center,” says Jarosinski. “There is much more to be done then just working on these projects. I believe I have the skills to bring people together so we can move Frederick County forward, rather than arguing about opposing views. I want to represent the average citizen so their voice can be heard, and work to bring unity and collaboration to the county.”

Jarosinski has lived in Frederick County since 1995 and is involved in several areas of the community.

“I’m married with two children, a high school sophomore and a college sophomore. I have a Bachelor’s degree from McAllister College and a Master’s degree from John Hopkins University. I’m on the session at my church, Frederick Presbyterian. I serve as the chair of the compassion, peace, and justice committee which brings programming to the church that discusses issues like gun violence, climate, racism and poverty,” she says.

The general election is November 6th.