School Systems Invited To Apply For Md. Literacy Initiative Grants

MSDE says it has $2.4-million to give out.


Baltimore, Md (KM) The Maryland State Department of Education is taking applications from local school  systems for the State’s Literacy Initiative Grants. Spokesman Bill Reinhard says the state has $2.4-million to help school systems in literacy instruction for students from Title I schools. “It provides additional assistance to schools that serve a high need population, students whose families might come from circumstances of poverty,” he says.

A large percentage of students attending Title 1 schools come from impoverished backgrounds. That’s calculated based on how many kids take advantages of the free and reduced price meal program, says Reinhard.

Frederick County has five Title 1 schools: Hillcrest, Lincoln, Waverly, Monocacy and North Frederick Elementary Schools. “We have a large number of Title 1 schools, not just in Frederick County, but throughout Maryland. Those schools do a wonderful job serving students, but they could use a little more help,” says Reinhard.

He says the school systems can craft innovate ways to teach literacy, which includes reading, writing and other literacy-related subjects. But the grant money will provide additional help for teachers in Title 1 schools reach more students. “These can be  innovative programs, but primarily they’re programs which just target those areas,” says Reinhard.

The deadline to apply is Monday, September 17th at 3:00 PM.

Reinhard says the $2.4-million will be given out to 50 Title 1 schools in amounts not to exceed $75,000 each. “We believe we’ll have no problem getting rid of this money because our systems can really use the help,” he says.


By Kevin McManus