Grand Jury Indicts Six People

Their cases now move to the Circuit Court.

Frederick, Md (KM) Six indictments were handed down by the Frederick County Grand Jury on Friday.

One of those indicted was John Roy Atherholt Pabis, 22, of Frederick, whose charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and possession of more than ten grams of pot for an offense which occurred on May 1st, 2018.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith authorities charged Pabis after a search and seizure warrant was served on his home on Cool Spring Terrace. “They found a bunch of stuff in the residence, including scales, etc,, that obviously led him to be charged with possession with intent to distribute,” he says. “So it’s still crime to sell marijuana in large quantities. Obviously, it’s decriminalized in terms of simple possession.”

Tevin Divon Poole, 26, of Frederick, was also indicted for 1st-degree assault and 2nd-degree assault for a domestic incident on October 19th, 2018 near Rock Ledge Plaza. “Two witnesses stated they saw the defendant and the victim get into an argument,” says Smith. “They watched the defendant begin hitting the victim, threw her to the ground, pinned her up against a wall, and then began to strangle her.”

Justin Webb, 24, was indicted for sex abuse of a minor, sex abuse of a minor as a continuing course of conduct, 2nd-degree rape and three counts of 3rd-degree sex offense. Smith says this abuse of a child took place from October 1st , 2015 through August 21st, 2018. He says the Sheriff’s Office investigated this case. “They’re investigation led them to learn that, unfortunately, Mr. Webb had been sexually abusing this 13-year-old female for a long period of time from {20}15 to {20}18 to include 2nd-degree rape and multiple counts of 3rd-degree sex offense,” says Smith, who calls it “a sad and serious case.”

The Grand Jury also indicted Romario Anderson, 24, for two counts of 1st-degree assault, four counts of 2nd-degree assault and reckless endangerment for a domestic incident which occurred on October 4th, 2018. “It was an argument. He wound up grabbing her, choking her, slamming her into a wall, where she just remembers being on the floor, spitting out blood because he was kicking her in the ribs,” says Smith. “She obviously had visible injuries to her face and her neck. She was transported to Frederick Memorial Hospital.”

Two child abuse cases came before the Grand Jury. In one, Elisha Boldarini, 38, was charged with 2nd-degree child abuse by a custodian and 2nd-degree assault for an incident which occurred on September 16th, 2018. Smith says authorities were called to Holy Cross Hospital in Germantown where a child was being evaluated. “In this particular case, it was an eight-year-old victim: visible bruising on her face. There were also linear marks–looked liked finger marks on the neck area,” he says.

The other child abuse case involved William R. Brown, 40, whose charged with 2nd-degree child abuse and 2nd-degree assault for an incident which occurred on August 8th, 2018 in the areas of North East Street in Frederick. “This is just plain up the defendant punching the victim in the face, knocking him to the ground multiple times, beating on the child,” he says. “Something you can’t do. It’s not corporal punishment to be punching your child in the face multiple times, knocking himĀ  to the ground and beginning to assault them on the ground.”

Smith says spanking an acceptable form of corporal punishing for children who misbehave.

The indictments moveĀ  these cases to the Circuit Court where a trial date will be scheduled.


By Kevin McManus