Large Amount Of Rain In 2018 Delays Shoulder Repair Work Rt. 40A Braddock Mountain

SHA says the work will resume in the spring.


Frederick, Md (KM) The heavy rains this year have delayed work on Route 40A at Braddock Mountain.

The Maryland State Highway Administration says crews began last year replacing the guardrail and reinforcing the western slope of Braddock Mountain following the heavy rains in May, 2018. But that’s been put on hold. . “We had a lot of rain this year and we need the road to be dry. So our crews were out there for a little while. We did some work and now we’re going to go out there in the spring with anticipated completion in the fall,” says Shantee Felix, spokeswoman for SHA.

She says crews were able to finish about 60% of the work in 2018.

SHA says following the heavy rains in May, 2018, some erosion was detected on Braddock Mountains near Route 40A. “They’reĀ  going to be using a technique called mircopiling, and that will allow them to create a foundation that reinforces the slope of the mountain, reinforces it like a staircase,” says Felix. “And then from that, they add a layer of microfilm to hold all the grassy areas in place to reinforce the slope, and that will prevent future erosion.”

Felix says that stretch of Route 40A is still open to traffic. “There’s still one laneĀ  in each direction. We did close the truck lane and the shoulder there. But we still have one lane in each direction for people to get by,” Felix says.

The cost of the project is $1.5-million.

Felix says more than 12,000 vehicles travel that stretch of Route 40A each year.


By Kevin McManus