Local Reaction to the President Opening the Government After 35 Day Partial Shutdown


FREDERICK, MD.  (LG)  Now that a 35 day partial government shutdown has temporarily ended for some 800,000 furloughed workers, a retired veteran and Montgomery County Police Officer has a lot of questions about the back-pay that President Trump said he would give to federal employees.

“Even more importantly, when you do get that paycheck, now you’re getting a lump sum,” said Kenneth, from Frederick. “Are you going to pay more taxes on that money when you get it, compared to when you would normally get a regular paycheck?”

“This is something that should not have happened in the first place. But I’m glad that it’s over. It’s a good thing because a lot of families suffered due to this shutdown,” added Kenneth.

The path included signing a stopgap funding measure that would fund the government through February 15th.  But sources say it would not include any new funding for Trump’s promised border wall.

“Me personally, I understand that there should barriers in place to protect our borders, and I get that, but the wall, I don’t think it’s necessary. I think there are other things that we can do. We have an opportunity, and I think Customs and Border Security under Homeland Security are doing an excellent job.”


By Loretta Gaines