Md. State Income Tax Season Begins On Monday

The Comptroller is urging residents to file early.


Frederick, Md (KM) Marylanders can now start sending in their state income tax returns. The State Comptroller’s Office says Monday, January 28th,  is the start of the tax season. “Anyone whose expecting a state refund should send their return into us as soon as they can, electronically,” says Comptroller Peter Franchot. “If they deliver it that way, we are trying to get refunds into their bank accounts within two to three business days.”

He says the state is expected to send out $2-billion in refunds over the next two months.

There’s another reason to file early. ” You also get ahead of the criminals who, sadly, have stolen a lot of this financial information,” says Franchot. “They also file early, the criminals, because  they like to get in ahead of the legitimate taxpayer and get their refund.” In other words, the criminal could end up getting your tax refund.

He says the Comptroller’s Office works hard to identify those false returns and put  them aside.

The deadline to send in your state income tax return is April 15th.

If you have questions  filing out your return, you can visit any State Comptroller’s branch office in Maryland, including the one in Frederick near the County Court House. You can also go on line to, or 1-800-MD-TAXES (1-800-638-2937)


By Kevin McManus