Rhinoceros Dies at Baltimore Zoo

Officials say the rhino’s condition suddenly declined.

BALTIMORE (AP) — The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore says one of its white rhinoceros has died.

News outlets quote a zoo statement saying that Jaharo died on Sunday. The zoo’s general curator, Mike McClure, says the 6-year-old rhino’s condition suddenly declined after he had been undergoing treatment for serious health issues, but was eating, drinking and behaving normally for the past several weeks.

The zoo’s senior director of animal health, conservation and research, Dr. Ellen Bronson, says Jaharo was diagnosed last fall with a disorder in which the body’s immune system destroys red blood cells. Bronson says that as far as they could determine, the disease had never before been seen in a white rhinoceros.

McClure says they’ll discuss whether to bring in another companion for Stubby, the other male rhino.

By Associated Press