Maryland Teenagers Charged In Locker-Room Attack Appears In Court.

Several teens from Damascus High School have been charged with rape and attempted rape

DAMASCUS, Md. (AP) — One of four Maryland teenagers charged as adults with rape in a Damascus High School locker-room attack is set to appear in court.

A judge is expected to rule Friday on whether the case against the 15-year-old will be tried in adult court or sent to juvenile court.

Authorities say he and three others restrained four 14-year-olds before an October junior varsity football practice and raped them or tried to rape them with broomsticks. A fifth teen faced second-degree rape charges as a juvenile.

The 15-year-old’s attorney, David Felsen, said in court filings that the teen thought he was committing an established football program prank. He says his client isn’t able to “appreciate the adult requirements of his behavior.”

Similar hearings for the other teens charged as adults are expected.