Eaglemania Continues!

Where eagles flirt: A DC tale of love, loss and raccoons

WASHINGTON (AP) – It’s a tale of star-crossed lovers, pregnancy and loss, and a hungry raccoon.

Washingtonians, along with a global community of eagle-watchers, have been transfixed this winter by the saga of Liberty and Justice, a pair of bald eagles who’ve become local celebrities.

The birds have lived and nested for 14 years in an oak tree on the grounds of the city’s police academy, and their lives have been chronicled by a popular online eagle cam.

This year’s spring mating season was full of drama – covered by local media with Kardashian-level detail.

Justice, the male, disappeared for weeks, leaving his mate alone with their eggs and being courted by two other males. The couple eventually reunited, the eggs never hatched and a raccoon ate everything anyway.