Income Tax Deadline Getting Closer

There is help for Maryland residents who haven’t started yet.


Annapolis, Md (KM). The income tax deadline is getting closer. Marylanders have until midnight on Monday, April 15th to file their state and federal returns on line or through  the US Postal Service.

Comptroller Peter Franchot says about one-million Marylanders wait until the last minute to file. . “Under no circumstances should anybody panic or be afraid of the Comptroller’s Office. We are not the IRS. We’re on the side of Maryland citizens,” he says.

For those who haven’t started, Franchot says they need to begin as soon as possible. He says there is help if they get stuck. “We have a user-friendly website,” he says. “Or people could call the 800-MD-Taxes number.”  He says there could be a wait time for anyone calling that number on tax deadline day, April 15th.

The Comptroller’s Office in Frederick at the County Court House can even do citizens’ taxes for them free of charge, but they must bring with them a completed federal return. “They’re going to be open into the evening hours, and over the weekends. So people should definitely should walk in. You don’t need an appointment,” he says.

And if you owe the state money, and you can’t pay it all at once, Franchot says a payment plan can be worked out. “And if they have a legitimate reason, we can put them on a very liberal payment plan and excuse the interest and the penalties,” he says.


By Kevin McManus