Tuscarora High Student Found Dead In Washington DC

MPD are investigating.


Frederick, Md (KM). A Tuscarora High School freshman was found dead in Washington DC over the weekend. In a letter to parents, Principal Chris Berry identifies the student as Eberson Guerra Sanchez. Berry says while the Metropolitan Police Department and the Frederick Police are conducting an investigation, “we have no reason at this  time to believe the circumstances are connected to Tuscarora H High School or other students who attend here.”

Michael Doerrer, spokesman for Frederick County Public Schools, calls this a “sad situation.” “Obviously, anytime we have to grapple with the passing of a student, it’s an extremely sad event both for students at the school, for teachers and administrators,” he says. “We take the time to get to know every single one of our students. We care about every single one of our students. So it’s obviously extremely difficult.”

No specifics were given on the death of Guerra Sanchez, except that the investigation is being handled by law enforcement.   The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC is  investigating;  Frederick Police are assisting.

The School System’s Crisis Team, which includes counselors and school psychologists, was sent to Tuscarora High on Thursday to help students, faculty and staff cope with the young man’s death. “When we grapple with the passing of a student, we also ensure that resources are in place to support both students and staff,” he says. “Counselors are standing by to work with both students and staff to help them process the situation.”

He says these same services are available for parents. “If parents are struggling themselves with difficult circumstances, difficult news, the school is here to help,”: Doerrer says. “We have resources in place if a parent needs additional support.   Schools are standing by. All they need to is call us and we will help them.”

Parents are also advised to listen to their children if they have concerns about this incident. “When we have a situation like this, we also share information with our parents and our community on how to talk with students,” Doerrer says. “I think the number-one setting is to be available, to listen.”

The School System says anyone who needs help outside of school hours can call the Frederick County Hotline at 211, or 301-662-2255, or 1-800-422-0009. Students can also call the Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline at 1-800-422-0009.


By Kevin McManus