Maryland Public Television Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Traveling Exhibit

MPT is visiting Maryland libraries with an exhibit showcasing highlight’s from the station’s 50 years of events and broadcasts.

Walkersville, MD. (TY) – Maryland Public Television is celebrating its 50th year as a station and is touring the state with a highlighted history of its contributions to Maryland broadcasting.

The station is visiting Maryland Libraries each month and installing an exhibit dedicated to the history of MPT’s broadcasts and events over its past 50 years as a station.

“This whole year is dedicated to celebrating five decades of service to Maryland and its citizens,” MPT Director of Communications, Tom Williams said.

The exhibit will be coming to Frederick this Monday and will be located at the Walkersville Public Library. The exhibit features large panels dedicated to the origins of the station as well as its popular programming broadcasted throughout the years.

“We find that people really do enjoy connecting with us in locations like libraries and community centers where the travelling exhibit will visit over the next year,” Williams said. “[We] truly engage, entertain, and educate in ways that other TV broadcasts aren’t able to do.”

The MPT exhibit will be located at the Walkersville Public Library until June 30th. More information on the station’s exhibit and future projects can be found at

– Timothy Young