Community Preparedness Seminar To Take Place Next Week

Citizens can learn what do during emergency, such as active shooter situations.


Frederick, Md (KM) A number of Frederick city and County agencies will be holding a community preparedness seminar on Saturday, July 13th. A number of topics will covered, according to Dennis Dudley, Frederick County’s Director of Emergency Preparedness. “We begin with emergency preparedness planning, and what you should do to be prepared for emergencies,” he says. Dudley says He also says it’s important to plan ahead of time, and not while an emergency is happening.

Another topic is “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events.” Dudley says residents who find themselves in an active shooter situation need to practice the principals of avoid, deny and defend. “You want to avoid the shooter if possible. You want to deny him access to you. And as last resort,  defend if you must fight back. Don’t just let someone attack you,” he says.

Another topic is “Stop the Bleeding” which is a White House initiative launched in October, 2015. It’s intended to encourage bystanders to get trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding situation before help arrives. “In situations where people are injured and they’re seriously bleeding, the sooner you can stop that bleeding the better the odds are for that person to survive,” Dudley says.

There’s also hands-only CPR training (non-certificated class), and Naloxone training. Dudley says the Naloxone training is more than just administering Narcan for someone whose suffering from a drug overdose, such as what to look out for if someone has been using opioids. “How it’s used; what the symptoms are.  It’s lot more information than just the use of the Naloxone,” says Dudley. “If provides a source for someone to help someone immediately who, without that Naloxone, would not survive.”

Residents who are interested in attending this seminar need to register by July 5th. They can register by going on line to  EventBrity at http//

The seminar will be held at the Public Safety Training Facility at 5370 Public Safety Place just off of Reichs Ford Road.

The agencies sponsoring this event are the Division of Fire and Rescue Services, The Frederick Division of Emergency Management, Frederick County Health Department, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, Frederick Police Department, the Maryland State Police, and the Maryland Department of Health.


By Kevin McManus