School is Out, but Not Closed

The semester might be over, but Frederick County Public Schools are still teeming with activity this summer.

Frederick, MD – Kids are out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean schools are dormant until fall.

Frederick County Public Schools have now become a hotbed of activity with workshops, summer programs, building updates and more.

FCPS Communication Coordinator Dian Nelson said that schools take advantage of the summer break to make adjustments and host programs.

“People think that when school lets out for the summer, things are quiet across the county,” Nelson said. “It couldn’t be further from the truth.”

400 Frederick County educators are using the summer time to update and and develop educational materials, 650 students are participating in summer school classes, and over 900 students from all grade levels were invited to attend Extended School Year programs to help them develop and maintain skills.

Many more students and faculty will be on school campuses throughout the year participating in programs and preparing the schools for the fall semester.

“Preperations are going on all through the summer,” Nelson said. “There is so much going on.”

Various summer camps still have openings and are taking applications. People interested can go on to FCPS.Org for more information.