Congressman Trone Tours District and Serves Food

Trone tours communities serving food and rasing awareness for summer food program for children.

Washington, DC – Congressman David Trone and Chef Bryan Voltaggio teamed up Tuesday to serve food and raise awareness for summner food programs.

Trone visited schools and meal sites while creating dialogues involving low involvement rates for children receiving meals over the summer.

“We have to do better across the country helping our kids during the summer ,” Trone said. “For every six kids that recieves free or reducred meals in the school year, only one of them recieves meals dfuring the summer.”

Trone said the children elligible for the program can’t or don’t participate for a variety of reasons that contribuite to the low numbers. One proposed solution is a “meals on wheels” service to reach children in rural areas that have no means to reach the food serving sites.

“During the school year, the buses bring the folks to the schools,” Trone said. “But when you have no bus system, that doesn’t work.”

Trone said his committee is looking into various ways to raise awareness and to make it easier for children to recieve the help they need.

“We’ll never get all the problems resolved,” Trone said. “This tour is really about listening and learning. I’m not an expert in this area, so I’m trying to talk to the folks that live this every day.”

By Timothy Young