Single-Use Plastics On The Way Out?



The fate of single-use plastics is still up for debate as Frederick Council Members pursue research for future legislation.

Plastics have become an every day commodity, but legislators are looking to make Frederick County find alternatives with a ban on plastic bags.

Frederick County Councilman Kai Hagen is leading the charge with his proposal to ban plastic bags, and is looking to create a research group to gather information to shape future proposals.

“These bans are happening in various forms all over the world right now, and all over the country,” says Hagen. “This is an inevitable process and we can decide to be part of trying to work toward solutions, or just drag along later when it’s inevitable.”

WFMD sent a reporter out to Baker Park to ask people their thoughts on banning plastic bags and other single-use plastics in Frederick County.

“It’s their decision, whichever way they go I’m fine with it,” said one. “It’s not the biggest issue I’m worried about though.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” said another Frederick resident. “It’s not hard to just bring a cheap reusable bag to the grocery store and to make a habit out of it.”

Locally, Montgomery County since 2012 has charged consumers 5 cents for plastic bags. Other states like California and Massachusetts have placed complete bans on plastic bans and some other single-use plastics.


By Timothy Young