Monocacy Boulevard Construction Project Faces Delays

Frederick Mayor said contractor missed their deadline.

Frederick, MD – Almost 2 years and over $21 million later, the construction project on Monocacy Boulevard is still incomplete.

Monocacy Boulevard between Gas House Pike and Schifferstadt Boulevard and East Church Street in Frederick has been closed since October 2017 and was originally scheduled to be completed in July 2019.

Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor was a guest on WFMD’s Morning News Express with Bob Miller and spoke about the project delays.

“[The contract] called for the project to be done by July of this year,” O’Connor said. “The contractor has not been granted any extensions by the city on that contract.”

O’Connor said he and the city will be looking into possible options to have the road work completed as soon as possible.

“Time delays from our perspective are money delays to the contractor,” O’Connor said. . “The contractor is paying based on the contract for these delays in the project.”

The Monocacy Boulevard project includes the construction of a 3,550 foot four-lane roadway, a two-lane bridge, and the restoration of an existing bridge over the Monocacy River.

O’Connor said he doesn’t want to give any prediction for when the project will finish.

“The last thing we want to do is create a false expectation,” O’Connor said.

By Timothy Young