Maryland Wear and Carry Permits Switched to Online Applications

The switch will begin on October 1.

Pikesville, MD – Maryland State Police announced Tuesday that starting October 1, they will make changes to the way people can apply for wear and carry permits.

Applications can now be completed online with either a computer, tablet, or mobile phone regardless of operating system.

Maryland State Police Spokesperson Ron Snyder said the department will accept paper applications delivered before September 30.

“We’re in a digital age now.” Snyder said. “This is just another avenue where people expect to have their services available at the click of a computer screen, and that’s what we’re trying to do with this new process.”

Little else has changed with the process regarding questions and required documents.

Snyder said documents can now be uploaded to the website to complete the application process. Individuals can also check the most recent status of their application online.

By Timothy Young