Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Adds Three New K9’s to their Team

Their names are K9’s Odin, Edy, and Azor.


Frederick, MD – The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office recently expanded their ranks with the addition of three new single-purpose narcotic detection canine teams.

The teams will be assigned to assist deputies and allied agencies in locating and seizing illegal narcotics throughout Frederick County.

K9’s Odin, Edy, and Azor underwent intensive trainings while also bonding with their new handlers.

“[The dogs] go through about 2 months of initial training where they’re just learning basic obedience,” Lieutenant Jeff Eyler of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said. “Once they get done with their initial training, they’re going to continue to train for the rest of their careers.”

Eyler said the department has two in-house K9 trainers at the department that will continue to train the teams throughout their careers to meet a set of standards.

The handlers go through a selection process to discern which applicants best possess traits to handle the dogs. Among the three selected was the agency’s first female K9 handler.

One of the new canines was donated to the Sheriff’s Office by the K9 Unsung Heroes Project, a partnership created to secure donations to purchase items and K9’s for local law enforcement agencies.

Eyler said the addition will help the department to combat the spread of narcotics in Frederick County.

“We’re enthusiastic about being able to provide these tools to keep heroin and other dangerous drugs out of our communities” Eyler said.

By Timothy Young