Car Free Days Are Coming Up

Residents are encouraged to try another form of getting around.

Frederick, Md (KM) This coming Saturday and Monday, TransIT of Frederick County encourages you to park your car for a few days, and try a different mode of transportation. Car Free Days takes place on September 21st and September 23rd.

Kendall Tiffany, Communications Manager for TransIT, says Car Free Days is an event in the Washington Metropolitan area, but it also observed around the world. She says it’s a way to encourage motorists to try a greener mode of transportation. “Trying to reduce single occupant vehicle trips on the roadways which obviously has a traffic congestion benefit as well as an environmental benefit,” Tiffany says.

But she realizes it will a challenge trying to wean people away from their cars. But if you have to use your car on Car Free Days “we would encourage with a weekend trip would be compressing all of your errands into one trip rather than running a bunch in and out,” says Tiffany.

There’s also a number of benefits to biking and walking, and taking public transit. “If you’re walking and biking, obviously there’s a physical benefit to that with your health and what not,” she says. “Also, you might sit might sit back and enjoy your trip somewhere if you’re riding TransIT rather than having to get into traffic congestion. You can catch up reading a book or a magazine

TransIT will offer free rides on the Collector and Shuttles on Monday, September 23rd.

Anyone who takes a pledge on Monday to be car free  can be eligible to win some prizes. Participants need to go to “If you log in there, you would pledge which mode you are going to take for the day. Telework is even an option if you work at home on Monday,” says Tiffany. She says some of the prizes include gift cards, and tablets.

The MARC Commuter Rail line is also getting involved in Car Free Days. “If  somebody is a MARC rider, MARC Train is actually putting its bicycle cars on a couple of trains on Friday and Monday,” says Tiffany. The bicycle cars will be placed on the Brunswick Line on trains 892, 894 and 880 traveling eastbound, and trains 891, 883 and 883 traveling westbound.

You can get more information on TransIT by going on line to, or call 301-600-2065.


By Kevin McManus