“Pinktober” to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women.

Frederick, MD – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it is also WFMD’s Pinktober.

One in eight women have a chance of contracting breast cancer, making regular examinations and exams crucial for early detection.

Dr. Susan Bahl of Monocacy Health Partners Center for Breast Care said the risk increases as you grow older.

“The recommendations of several societies is to get a screening mammogram at the age of 40,” Bahl said. “And after that, every year.”

Dr. Bahl said a family history can increase risk for contracting breast cancer, but it is not always a contributing factor.

“Only 10% of breast cancer nationwide have some genetic components,” Bahl said. “Most breast cancer is not genetic.”

Men are also capable of contracting breast cancer. One in 833 men have a chance of getting it.

956 cases of breast cancer were reported in Frederick County between 2012-2016. 151 women died during that time.

Dr. Bahl said early detection is key for surviving breast cancer

By Timothy Young.