Department of Natural Resources Warns Motorists of Increased Deer Activity

Fall marks the beginning of deer mating season.

Frederick, MD – The weather is getting cooler outside, which means deer are becoming more active in the area.

The Department of Natural Resources is warning motorists of increased wildlife activity seeking food and mates.

“It’s the breeding season for white-tail deer,” DNR’s George Timko said. “Males are out actively searching for mates.”

Timko said deer activity is peaked from dusk to dawn and they will be increasingly mobile through the fall season with winter approaching.

The Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates about one million car crashes happen annually that involve deer. 200 of them result in deaths.

Timko said motorists should take extra precautions while driving slower, keeping an eye on the sides of roads, and avoiding distractions while driving.

“The biggest thing is not to swerve when you see a deer on the roadway. “You’re more likely to get injured or injure someone else if you swerve, lose control of the vehicle, go off the runway, or hit an immovable object. That’s much more hazardous than actually hitting the deer.”

By Timothy Young