The Hauntings of Frederick County

Local Paranormal Investigator said the county is home to many haunted spots.

Frederick, MD – As Halloween draws closer, Frederick County has seen an increase in Halloween decorations, ghost tours, and more, but some people seek out hauntings and the paranormal no matter what season they’re in.

Frederick based Paranormal Investigator Rhonda Russo said she has been sensitive to the paranormal ever since she was a child.

Russo has since started “Bump In The Night Investigations” with other ghost hunters and also offers other services regarding ghost hunting and psychic readings.

Here’s the thing about Frederick,” Russo said. “Frederick wants to be known for their historical side, but do not want to be known for their haunted side.”

Russo said she has had paranormal experiences at various places throughout the county including the Frederick Historical Society, the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, and the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Russo said she was once called to investigate the Holiday Cinema and believes she had an encounter with the spirit of Harry Weinberg who’s family owned the theater.

“[I’ve had] my clothes tugged, my hair fondled with, shadow people,” Russo said. “Things like that.”

Russo operates her investigation out of Frederick County and often provides paranormal investigations for little to no cost.

“95% of our investigations are private homes,” Russo said. “In Frederick and around the tri-state area.”

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By Timothy Young