Delegates to Discuss the Future Blueprint for Maryland’s Future at 2020 General Assembly

Some legislators fear the policy will lead to increased taxes.

Frederick, MD – The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future will be under discussion starting Wednesday as Maryland’s 47 state senators and 141 delegates will meet during the upcoming 2020 General Assembly Session

Frederick County Delegate Carol Krimm said the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future will greatly increase the funding for school districts across the state by over $1 billion, which means their needs to be built-in transparency.

“Accountability will be a very intricate part of this program,” Krimm said. “So that the public knows that if we increase funding towards public education, it will be accountable and it will be very transparent.”

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future was passed last year and focuses on providing increased funding for Maryland schools and its staff over the next three years.

Krimm said teachers often transition out of classrooms to administrative positions because that’s where higher salaries are within the field.

“We want good teachers to stay in the classroom,” Krimm said. “So we want them to be paid on a highly professional level.”

Krimm said the implementation will not make a substantial dent on the state’s budget as other legislators have been suggested, and Frederick County will not be heavily impacted due to their history of already adequately funding public education.

The General Assembly Session begins on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

By Timothy Young