Board of Education Seeks Feedback on $683+ Million Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

It would be a $46 million increase from last year.

Frederick, MD – The Frederick County Board of Education is hosting a public hearing Wednesday and will seek feedback on a recommended $683+ Million operating budget for fiscal year 2021.

According to the recommended budget by Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban, the FY 2021 operating budget totals at $683,367,047, reflecting an increase of over $46 million or 7.3% from the operating budget of FY2020.

Dr. was a recent guest on the Morning News Express with Bob Miller and said the BOE has been able to cover $20-22 million requests above maintenance effort in the past.

“It sounds big,” Alban said. “but it’s not that much more of a stretch from where we’ve been in the past and we’re hopeful.”

According to the budget, the increase in funds are related to student enrollment, expansion/continuation of programs, mental health needs, and federal and state mandates.

The hearing will be held at 191 S. East Street in the Central Office Board room at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 5.

More information and a full breakdown of Alban’s budget can be found at

By Timothy Young