Maryland Healthy Soils Program Bill Gets a Hearing

The measure will benefit farmers and environmentalists.

ANNAPOLIS, MD.  (LG)     A bill that would allow the Maryland Healthy Soils Program to receive specific funds allocated from the renewable and clean energy programs’ account will be making its way to the Economic Matters Committee this week.

Frederick County Delegate Carol Krimm, the sponsor of the measure, says the support for the legislation is overwhelming. “It’s supported by the Maryland Farm Bureau, it’s supported by the Winery, and it’s also supported by Environmentalists to Support Regenerative Agriculture,” she said.  “I haven’t heard anybody that is against it.”

The bill would not add any new money to the budget, Krimm added.  “But what it does is re-purposes some of the money in the Greenhouse Emissions Fund to the Healthy Soils Program.”

“This legislation will benefit local farmers and environmentalists. It will give farmers an opportunity to put some new processes in place, and give them an incentive so that if they lose some money in the beginning, while they are putting these new programs in place, this bill will support them while they make the transition.”

The legislation will get a hearing in the Economics Matters Committee on Thursday.

By Loretta Gaines.