Frederick County Public School Teacher Under Investigation for Showing Sexually Explicit Material to Students

The incident is under investigation and no arrests have been reported.

A mother of a Governor Thomas Johnson High School student says a teacher showed pornographic images to several students including her son.

Shasta Troupe said a long term substitute teacher at TJ had shown 10-15 students pornographic photos of himself with his boyfriend and showed her son an explicit video of the teacher having sex.

Troupe said on Monday, February 3, she received a “vague” phone call from an Assistant Principal at TJ.

The faculty member explained Troupe’s son was interviewed regarding an incident with a teacher, the teacher had been removed from the building and she should expect a call from Child Protective Services.

“That was all the information I was given,” Troupe said.

Troupe said she and her son met with CPS one week later and was told the school should not have interviewed the student.

“I was a little upset that they did interview him,” Troupe said. “And I wasn’t contacted until after the fact.”

Troupe said her son was brought into the guidance counselor’s office on February 7 and was asked if he needed counseling.

“Nobody’s called me from the school up until this point,” Troupe said. “Maybe somebody should have reached out to me in that week and asked me how he was doing, or maybe asked me ‘do you think he needs counseling?'”

Troupes said she felt the school should have included and contacted her earlier in the process.

“Even if the police have not been contacted yet and you’re still trying to find out information,” Troupe said. “I feel like I should have gotten a phone call first.”

A complaint was filed with the Board of Education and Troupe said she received an apology from both the principal and assistant principal at TJ.

Troupe said detectives told her Tuesday the investigation is ongoing and they were still interviewing students before they could possibly make an arrest.

FCPS has declined to comment on the incident.


By Timothy Young