Maryland Primary Postponed Due To Coronavirus

It will take place in June.


Annapolis, Md (KM) Governor Larry Hogan has postponed the April 28th primary election until June 2nd.. During a news conference on Tuesday, Maryland’s Chief Executive said putting polling places in seniors centers and other locations could put residents at risk of contracting the coronavirus, .including poll workers and election judges, many of whom are retirees.

“Free and fair elections are the very foundation of American democracy,” he said. “And while there are many valid reasons for unease and uncertainty right now, insuring that the voices of Maryland citizens are heard shouldn’t be one of them.”

“I’m directing the State Board of Elections to develop a comprehensive plan by April 3rd to conduct the Primary election in a way that protects public health, and preserves the integrity of the democratic  process in our state,”: Hogan said.

In addition, Hogan announced that the special election for the 7th Congressional District will take place, but voters will cast their ballots by mail. That district seat was left vacant after the death of Elijah Cummings last year.

On another issue, all Vehicle Emission Inspection stations will be repurposed for use as drive-through coronavirus testing centers throughout the state. MARC train service will also be reduced by 50%, along with local bus, light rail, METRO and commuter bus services. The Governor said the reason is to put a priority on medical trips for dialysis, chemotherapy, hospital, clinic and mental facilities.

Hours will be reduced at the Motor Vehicle Administration and non-commercial driver’s license tests will be suspended.

As part of his news conference, Governor Hogan asked everyone to stay calm when shopping for toilet paper, water and other necessities. “Panic buying just increases person-to-person exposure,” he said. “Instead of hoarding cleaning and hygiene products, share with your neighbors. All the stores are going to remain open. They’re all restocking the shelves. They’re not going to run out of those basic necessities.”


By Kevin McManus