No Bond For Middletown Man Charged With 1st-Degree Murder

Thomas Lehan was in court on Friday.



A bond hearing was held on Friday for a Middletown man charged with killing his wife.  Thomas Lehan, 37, waived his right to a bond hearing, but will continue to be held without bond at the Frederick County Detention Center.

Thomas Lehan was  arrested on Thursday and  charged with 1st-degree murder for the death of his  wife, Katie Lehan, 34, of Middletown. She had been reported  missing on Sunday.

The Sheriff’s Office says there were some inconsistencies in Mr. Lehan’s statements to detectives.  However, he later told authorities where to find Katie Lehan’s body. It was located on Thursday in a stream bed in a wooded area off of Burkittsville Road. “And based upon their investigation and their consultation with me and Rebecca Clinton, whose the chief of the Violent Crimes Unit, levied the charge of 1st-degree murder against him,” says State’s Attorney Charlie Smith.

“We anticipate a trial being set within the next 180 days,” says Smith. “It’s a speedy trial rate. Although the speedy trial has been put on hold by the Chief Justice here in Maryland. So I imagine he will get a trial date by the end of the year.

The Chief Administrative Judge for the Court of Appeals has suspended all jury trials in the state due to the coronavirus pandemic. She also ordered the court houses in the state closed to the public.


By Kevin McManus