Hood College Going Digital for Prospective Students

Faculty continue to take phone calls working remotely.

Frederick, MD – As schools accross the nation have closed their doors, juniors and seniors in highschool face difficulties when making a decision on a campus to spend their next four years.

Tours and on-campus visits have become impossible because of the coronavirus pandemic, which is resulting in universities taking steps to remain accessible for their prospective students.

Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Hood College Laurie Ward said their school has transitioned their Accepted Students Day event to a completely digital platform.

“We have moved that completely online,” Ward said. “Offices [will be] available for students to speak to, including financial aid, the career center, the registar, the provost.”

Ward said the webinar will also include a message from the president and online mini-courses prospective students can take with faculty.

Faculty at Hood college are working remotely and will continue taking calls from the community, providing information and also conductiing virtual tours of the campus.

More information can be found at https://www.hood.edu/campus-community/health-counseling-services/covid-19-updates

By Timothy Young