Over 400-New Cases Of Coronavirus In Maryland

Health officials say 91-people have died from the virus

Frederick, Md. (DG) – There are now 4,045 cases of the coronavirus in Maryland. Health officials report there been 91 deaths. Over 1059 people have been hospitalized.

Frederick County has 120 cases of COVID-19. Fourteen people have been hospitalized with the virus, and four people have died.

Washington County has tested over 1,600 people for COVID-19 with 44 positive cases. Carroll County has 150 cases of coronavirus, Howard County 214, and Montgomery County 793.

Pennsylvania has 11,510 cases of COVID-19 with 22 in Adams County, and 30 in Franklin County.

There are 2,878 cases in Virginia with 188 in Loudoun County.

West Virginia has 324 cases of coronavirus There are 21 cases in Jefferson County, and 54 in Berkeley County.