Salvation Army Sets Up Hotline

The organization says it provides emotional and spiritual support in uncertain times.



Baltimore, Md (KM) If you’re cooped up on your home because of the coronavirus, and you’re feeling lonely, isolated and fearful, the Salvation Army has set up a hotline where you can pour out your emotional challenges. “The number is open from  9:00 AM to 9:00 PM seven days a week. And it’s manned by Salvation Army officers and employees who are  trained to provide some emotional and spiritual care,” says Captain Lorraina Crawford with the Maryland and West Virginia chapter of the Salvation Army.

The number is 1-844-458-HOPE (4673).

“It’s not a mental health crisis hotline, They can refer somebody to that. Really,  this a just a number set up that people can call somebody if they need somebody to talk to,” she says.

Most of the calls, according to Captain Crawford, are from people who are  alone. “They’re just not sure how to process everything that’s happening, and they just to reach out and hear another voice,” she says.

There are also people who are home alone, and can’t go out and visit other family members. “Mainly, just concerned for loved ones, especially seniors who are alone at their homes.   People who have typically checked  on a grandmother or grandfather who they are unable go, really, and spend time with them, and they’re concerned for them being alone,” says Captain Crawford.

For those who  don;t want to talk, but are worried about the times we are in, the Salvation Army can provide help through its website, Captain Crawford says individuals can type out their concerns,or make a prayer request through the emotional and spiritual section. Someone will be contact with them by e-mail.

The Salvation Army is best know for providing food, shelter, eviction prevention and utility assistance during the coronavirus emergency.   But offering emotional and spiritual care is pat of its mission, according to Captain Crawford



By Kevin McManus