783 New Coronavirus Cases In Maryland Within Last 24-Hours

171 people have died from COVID-19 in Maryland.

Frederick, Md. (DG) – The Maryland State Health Department is reporting 783 new cases of the coronavirus within the last 24-hours.

There have been 37,480 negative tests, with 6,968 positive results for COVID-19. There have been 1,413 hospitalizations, and 171.

Frederick County has 292 cases of COVID-19. Twenty-one people have been hospitalized with the virus, and seven people have died.

Washington County has tested over 1,728 people for COVID-19 with 74 positive cases. Carroll County has 214, Howard County 319, and Montgomery County 1388.

Pennsylvania has 18,228 cases of COVID-19 with 38 in Adams County, and 52 in Franklin County.

There are 4,042 cases in Virginia with 258 in Loudoun County.

West Virginia is reporting 12,934 residents have been tested for the coronavirus, 485 are positive. There are 41 cases in Jefferson County, and 73 in Berkeley County.