AAA Says Roadside Assistance Calls Declined In April

Except for dead batteries.


Towson, Md (KM) During the month of April in Maryland, AAA Mid-Atlantic says its roadside assistance calls declined with the exception of dead batteries Spokeswoman Ragina Ali says 42% of the calls in Maryland were for dead batteries.

She says motorists haven’t been doing a lot of driving, but have been mostly staying home in compliance with the Governor’s orders to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. “That’s probably more attributed to the fact are not driving their cars. And when they finally to start it, the batteries are dead,” Ali says.

“Even though your car isn’t running, the electronic systems still tap into the battery, which can affect its performance when you try to start it,” says Chris Storms, AAA Car Care Center District Director, in a statement.

Some of the signs of a weak battery are a clicking noise when you turn the key, the engine turning over slowly, dim interior lighting and warning lights on the dashboard.

If you are “sheltering in place,” Ali says drive your  car once a week to make sure the battery stays properly charged, even if it’s just  around the block. “If you won’t be driving your car much, consider  buying a battery tender. It will ensure that your battery maintains its charge at a proper storage voltage even when it’s not in use,” she says.

In addition, make sure to keep your gas tank at least three-quarters full to help prevent condensation.

Other tips from AAA include keep your vehicle’s fluids topped off, check the tire pressure and keep your vehicle clean,

And if you need to take your car in for servicing, AAA says call a repair shop ahead of time to learn hours of operation and procedures for bringing in your vehicle.


By Kevin McManus