AAA Not Releasing Memorial Day Travel Forecast For 2020

The coronavirus has skewed the data.


Towson, Md (KM) For the first time in 20 year,s, AAA Mid-Atlantic says it  will not release a Memorial Day travel forecast  for 2020.  . Spokeswoman Ragina Ali says the data  used to make the projections for the number of motorists expected to hit the road during the holiday weekend is undermined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Out AAA annual Memorial Day travel forecast, which so many people look forward to receiving, is yet another tradition which is unfortunately being impacted by COVID-19, ” Ali says.

But AAA says there will probably be those individuals who do head out for a trip, and the auto club has some advice  for  them. “Unfortunately, our cars have been sitting dormant in our driveways  or our garages. So we first and foremost want to remind anyone who does plan to hit the roads this weekend to make sure that their car is road ready,”: says Ali.

That means making sure the tires are inflated properly, and the oil and other fluids are topped off.

And don’t forget the battery. AAA says calls for service have declined for the past few months as residents have been heeding orders to stay home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. But the auto club says it’s has been receiving a lot of calls for dead batteries. “So make sure your battery’s in good shape,” says Ali.

She also says follow the rules of the road. “Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies across the country and here in Maryland have been reporting that even though there have been fewer cars on the road the last month or so, there’s been an increase in speeding,” Ali says.

In addition, AAA says make sure all passengers in the vehicle are buckled up, and t  remove any distractions so you can pay attention to your driving.

Anyone heading out this weekend will be paying much less for gasoline. Ali says the average cost for drivers is under $2 per gallon. “The last time we saw the national gas average below the $2 per gallon mark leading into the Memorial Day holiday week was  back in 2003,” she says.


By Kevin McManus