Frederick County Council Expected To Vote Next Week On Climate Emergency Resolution

It would commit the county to develop policies and legislation through the lens of climate change.                                  


Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Council is expected to vote next week on a climate emergency resolution

The measure would commit the county to develop policies and legislation through the lens of climate change. In addition, the County would also  be committed to put together “equitable climate emergency mobilization effort to address global warming,”: reduce greenhouse gas emissions to  50% from 2010 levels by 2030, and 100% no later than 205, and employ efforts to safely drawn down carbon from the atmosphere.

A hearing was held on Tuesday, and all those who testified were in favor of the resolution., including Virginia Borda from Brunswick. “I want our county and our entire planet  to be beautiful in 50 years as they are today. And if we do not take serious  climate action now, that will not happen. Please support this, please pass this, and please continue doing things so that our climate improves from where it is today,” she said.

Also speaking was Richard Kaplowitz of Frederick. “All the science says that we need to take  action, and I call upon the County Council to take action to benefit the safety and happiness of the citizens of Frederick County,:” he said.

Joanne Horne also lent her support. “This is a critical time for our planet,”: she said. “We need to act and we need to act wisely.”

The resolution will also calls on the County Council to set up an ad-hoc Climate Emergency Mobilization Worksgroup  in coordination with the City of Frederick to make recommendations to achieve emissions goals

The Council is scheduled to vote on the resolution on Tuesday, July 21st.


By Kevin McManus