Frederick County Looking To Hire Equity and Inclusion Officer

This person would work for equity & inclusion in Frederick County Government & beyond                                                            


Frederick, Md (KM). Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner is looking to hire a chief equity and inclusion officer. During her public information briefing on Thursday, Gardner said the person who fills this position  will develop a plan to deliver on the County’s vision to where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and prosper.

“in recent weeks, we’ve heard the voices of people seeking to advance racial equity and justice here in our community and across our country,” Gardner said. “This is our moment to be the change we wish to see. The time is now to bring people together to do the hard work and advance solutions.”

Among the duties of the chief equity officer is to identify any practices or policies to ensure equity, implement training and competency building strategies for the County Government workforce.

Gardner also said the CEI will develop a strategic plan to help make the county a place where everyone can succeed. “As we work to develop a strategy to advance equity in our community, it’s important to recognize it will be a work in progress. It will be imperfect. It will likely be modified over time. And that I and the people in my administration are committed to moving forward together,” she said.

She also said the equity officer will recommend ways to improve opportunities for minority businesses for procurement and County Government contracts.

“Some people may question why we need to be concerned with equity in Frederick County. And the answer is simple,” said Gardner. “It’s a matter of fairness. Our community is growing more diverse every day.”

The County’s population is 260,000, and Gardner says out of that, one in four are non-white, and one if 10 were born outside of the United States.

In a news release, the county says the position will be widely advertised, and the person hired will serve at-will within the Office of the County Executive.


By Kevin McManus